Enough About My Boobs, How Do You Like My Dress?

I'm 42 with a 2+ year old, which I find ridiculous, but couldn't and wouldn't really have my life any other way.  The past twenty years of my life has been spent in the world of writing - writing my own work as a creative person; poems, non-fiction, a novel, an almost-complete book of weird short stories.  I've also taught writing; composition and all the creative writing genres listed in the last sentence for the past ten years both at a community college and in private writing workshops.

This year, I quit my jobs to be with our daughter.  I'm a now a stay at home mother and a writer looking for a new way to be of service.  I'm quite late on the blogging front, and I don't even know if these essays really can be considered a blog or not because they are not chronological or necessarily in present time.  But I'm putting some of my thoughts on our daughter's birth, the aftermath, and mothering while being a writer out there into the cyber-world with the sole purpose of helping others who have gone through similar difficulties.  Plus, I have the hidden agenda of furthering my career.  At the same time, I need to tell these stories for my own process and as a friend has encouraged, "I hope you keep telling it and telling it until you and only you feel like you're done telling it."  I actually look forward to the day when I'm done telling.

You can check out my website here.  Soon to be updated.  I suspect this blog will get funnier as it unfurls...